I welcome the opportunity and challenge of creating commissions. If you wish to buy an existing piece or commission something new, or if you want to find out what I’m up to right now or just talk to me about my work, do please contact me.

All the pieces shown on this site are made using the ancient technique of lost-wax casting. But, unlike many sculptors, I work directly in wax. Thus the original is destroyed in the casting process, resulting in each piece being unique; I do not make editions, they are all one-offs. However I can make pieces similar to any on this site if required.

Being based on life-casts, the pieces on this site are by default life-size. Larger commission works can be undertaken for either interior or exterior locations. Once the original is made the casting and finishing will take a minimum of six weeks.

Yourself as part of a piece

I can even incorporate you or a loved one into a new piece. But be aware that I do not take on portraiture as such, nor am I a conventional ‘life-caster’, you or they will simply become part of one of my works. I am happy to discuss and perhaps include your own ideas but bare in mind that not every one will be suitable. The taking of a mold can be an exacting process, and the proposed sitter may not fit with my vision – we are talking about the Green Man here; I do not use female models.


During the initial discussions I will be able to get a better idea of the complexity of the piece and thus of the likely cost. Before the commencement of any commissioned work I will give you a full quotation covering every aspect of producing, finishing and delivering of the finished piece.

The Process

The commission process of taking a life-cast, particularly of a face, requires intimate personal contact between the artist and the model, and may even involve the presence of an assistant (if you wish you may bring along a partner or a friend to act as assistant, or simply to record the process with pictures.) If you do want to incorporate an actual face or body part, the sitter will be getting dirty: the mould will be taken either using Hollywood-grade prosthetic silicon, or plaster bandage. There are clean-up facilities at the studio.

The time required to take a mold is rarely more than an hour, so it can be quite a brief encounter, but it is vital that the sitter is comfortable with the artist and the situation. As a result the process of commissioning a piece can involve time on top of the mechanics of the making and casting process.

With all this in mind I am only too happy to talk about every aspect of the project before committing to it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to arrange a convenient time to talk about your commission. This we can do either by meeting in person or by phone – whichever suits you best.

I am easily accessible from Mid and North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, and and the West Midlands. Birmingham and Manchester airports are all within easy reach.

If you are travelling from further afield, Oswestry is a pleasant market town on the northern Welsh border, with good accommodation to suit every budget, and is a good spot for a weekend break to make it even more of a special occasion.

Note I may ask you for the piece on loan for exhibition. I will need to establish at the time of commission if you would agree to this.